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We will reply to your enquiry or booking as soon as possible. Usually, we can confirm the courses booked straight away. The confirmation for your accommodation can take up to ten working days.

As soon as the services booked are confirmed by our business partners, you will receive a written travel confirmation by mail or e-mail. We will also include travelprice insurance documents in case you book a package.

Within the EU (except for UK), you will pay by bank transaction. For countries outside the EU and in case of living in the UK, we accept credit cards. Using a form on a security server, you can give us the corresponding data. We will not charge your card before having received the confirmation for all the services booked.

When receiving the travel confirmation/ invoice, you will pay a deposit of 20% of the travel price, if not indicated differently. The remaining amount of the travel price falls due 30 days before setting out on the journey..