Dance courses for Salsa and Casino

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Important news for US citizens: Travelling to Cuba with us you will get an "Authorization Letter" from OFAC, which will confirm, that you are travelling legally to Cuba to join our special group tours for US americans with Salsa and Percussion! Find out more aboutlegal travel for Americans and our next group tours


I would like to carry you off to Cuba! Directly to the centre of Havana and Santiago de Cuba. The heart of Cuba beats to the rhythm of Salsa and Son. Accordingly one of our points of focus is the organisation of courses for Salsa, Casino and other dances, as well as percussion and Spanish classes.

Individual classes and carefully selected teachers guarantee a successful learning progress. The programmes can be booked throughout the year, and they are completed by thematic group journeys.

We offer you anything you can imagine for your holidays in Cuba apart from the courses. This includes rented cars, excursions, individual travel guides, dance partners and physio-therapeutic massages.

My name is Matthias Möbius and I have composed this programme personally. We are happy to help you with creating your personal travel itinerary. I would like you to be willing to open up to a special and unique experience when travelling to Cuba.

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