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Danza y Movimiento - The News on 21.11.2019 - Something is happening with DyM Music


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(*Information on the difference between music and travel newsletters below ...)
Today, after a long time, it's all about music again - tango, salsa and all kinds of other Latin American rhythms. If you want to tune in musically while reading, my tip today is a Milonga Fox Trot by the Hyperion Ensemble.
For about two years our music website has been divided into 4 different areas: the Music Shop, the Music Publishing House, the area for copyright-free Tango and the Music Archive.
Today I would like to introduce the new search engine in the "Music Shop". 
The "Music Shop" contains about 650 albums with more than 7000 titles. You can stream all 7000 titles. You can buy all tracks e.g. at iTunes as MP3- File or at us as WAV-File.
Our music is interesting for listening, dancing and for profesionals .
For example, if you like to make little movies for yourself and your friends, which you then present on Youtube, you will find the right music in the Music Shop.
NEW is our search engine. This gives you in the area of Tango and other rhythms from Latin America and the Caribbean possibilities, how they are offered to you to my knowledge nowhere else. You can set filters during the search, i.e. to display only instrumental titles. You can search i.e. extremely differentiated according to music genres. Because Tango is not equal to Tango - with us there is beside the generic term "Tango" (currently 4202 hits) also still
Candombe (currently 13 hits)
Chacarera (currently 5 hits)
Milonga (currently 385 hits)
Milonga tanguera (currently 7 hits)
Pasodoble (currently 75 hits)
Tango electronico (currently 18 hits)
Tango humoristico (currently 4 hits)
Tango nuevo (currently 68 hits)
Vals (currently 385 hits)

and much more ...
This is a way to search specifically for the music you like. And there is certainly a lot to listen to and discover. There are also detailed hints for an optimal use of the search.
And for music professionals in the film industry: If you need rights, e.g. for an educational video for the whole world, you can set a filter in "Licence rights worldwide". If you need the music recording and additionally the copyrights for a film, you set a filter at "Publishing rights worldwide".
We would like to hear your suggestions for improvement, because we would like to optimize our pages further.
Many greetings
*Information on music and travel newsletters
"Danza y Movimiento" stands for music, dance and travel in connection with mindfulness. In recent years, the newsletters have been more about travel. This is currently changing as we become more active again in the field of Latin music. Not everyone is interested in all topics of the newsletter. If the current news interests you less - simply delete and wait for the next news ...

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