Tango-workshops in Italy

For quite some years now, Danza y Movimiento Travels offers tango courses in Umbria. The course language is usually English, German or Spanish. One of the autumn courses is already booked out. This is why we would like to give you some brief information about the workshops you can still participate in:

13/09/08 - 20/09/08 with Sebastian Misse & Andrea Reyero
27/09/08 - 04/10/08 with Wolfgang Sandt
11/10708 - 18/10/08 with Joseba Pagola and Bakartxo Arabaolaza

There is a waiting list for the tango courses with Laura Priori & Andreas von Maxen.

Information on course content and application here:
Tango in Italy

There are also vacancies for our tango journey to Buenos Aires in the
first half of November:
Tango in Buenos Aires
Electrotango-sampler from Poland
Latin News


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Wednesday, 12 June 2024