SHUTDOWN - No, thanks!

Shutdown Nein DankeA tango dancer has sent me her thoughts with request for publication:

Yeah, I'm selfish. And I stand by it.

 Because I'm tired of hearing from well-meaning "altruistic" people about how important it is for all of us to shut everything down so that we can all stay healthy and the hospitals don't get overloaded... I should enjoy life, resume neglected hobbies, clean up my apartment or do yoga and wait and see...

 These are the things I am already doing regularly.
I don't need a stupid virus for that.
They have always been part of my life.

I just don't want to be placated/criticized/silenced/made ridiculous by people whose lives are hardly affected by the shutdown because

1) they can & may continue to work
2) they continue to receive their salary
3) they cannot and will not lose their job even if they are now in short-time work
4) can teach and go to school because they are a public educational institution but private educational institution (like mine) are not allowed to
5) they do not risk that their work, which has been built up over a long period of time, is prevented or severely impaired by a stupid virus
6) they can continue to take care of their house and garden, while mine is ruined because nobody can take care of it
7) can be together with his*her partner
8) can have sex when they want it
9) can get comfort in the form of human contact because they do not leave alone
10) are not prevented from travelling to their home countries, where they partly live and work
11) they will probably not have to give up their beloved hobbies very long after the shutdown (Tango dancers)
12) they simply have a different mental state

Yes, I am also sorry that so many over eighty years old people with various pre-existing deseases have unfortunately left this earth BECAUSE OF Corona.

But may I also say it, please, they have lived their lives until today, and that for quite a long time already...

If the shutdown continues like this, many - younger people - will have a lot of problems and possibly leave this earth much earlier ...

In the end... If someone could come up with the idea to tell me that I benefit from the shutdown, because then I would have an intensive bed with ventilator, if necessary, I want to say to these people: I signed a living will many years ago in which I clearly say that I DO NOT WANT TO BE KEPT ALIVE ARTIFICIALLY, so I don't need your intensiv beds with ventilator. You can use it for somebody else.

Thanks for reading this!

(The name is known to the editor of this blog)

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Wednesday, 12 June 2024