Quilici y Los Tauras: Gauchita Sueca

Carlos Quilici (bandoneón), Victor Parma (piano), Carlos Gantus (electric guitar), Guillermo Trobbiani (double bass), Simón Lagier (violin), Javier Gómez (violin) and Ricardo Paradiso (voice) participate in this recording. Carlos Quilici and his Quinteto Los Tauras play compositions by Astor Piazzolla, Pedro Laurenz and Osvaldo Pugliese as well as their own compositions. Only 3 of the 14 titles are with vocals. Following "Rasgo" (2000) and "Bailamos" (2003) "Gauchita Sueca" is the third recording by the Argentinian musicians and again they manage to play danceable tango tunes in a small line-up.

Carlos Quilici y su quinteto los Tauras: Gauchita Sueca

And here are some tour dates for summer 2008:

25/7 Londres (con Javier Fioramonti, guitarra)
26/7 Londres (taller de tango para músicos)
26/7 Londres (solista)
27/7 Londres (con Javier Fioramonti, guitarra)
28/7 Londres (solista)
31/7 Estocolmo (con Kriminal Tango)
1/8 Berlin, Alemania (solista)
3/8 Berlin (solista)
5/8 Karlshamn, Suecia (solista y clase de baile para principiantes)
8, 9 y 10/8 Isla de Elba, Italia (solista)

Salsa Puerto Rico/ New York/ Cuba
Cinema Cuba


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