Overstock reduction / Bargain prices for CDs!

Good news for dance schools, resellers and everybody who wants to extend his or her CD collection:
Because of structural alteration works in our warehouse we reduce our stock, The prices are super!

This offer is for all the friends of Latin American music!

A mix of individual CDs, the emphasis chosen by you can be Latin or Brasil and the assortment will be made by us... (only some few Tango CDs can be included ...)

Offer 1: 25 CDs for 119.- Euro + shipment
Offer 2: 50 CDs for 199.- Euro + shipment
Offer 3: 100 CDs for 299.- Euro + shipment

The offer for resellers and dance schools!

Purchase of at least 25 pieces per CD. Minimum purchase amount 500.-
Euro. The price per CD is 4.- Euro or even below. We will send a list
of available titles by email on request. You choose the CDs included
in the box. We offer extra price reductions for the purchase of larger
purchase quantities. The prices indicated in the offer for resellers
do not include VAT and shipment costs.

Our special offer is valid until the sale of overstock and ends on
March 8th, 2013. The CDs are first-hand, some of which are also
shrinkwrapped. Please use our contact form in case of interest.
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Friday, 01 July 2022