New Tango CDs + 12 Tangos DVD

Stazo Mayor, Sampler Buenos Aires - Paris Vol. 2, Cuarteto Bando, Jürgen Karthe and Fabian Klentzke, Sampler Tango Trilogy and CD/DVD box of the movie 12 Tangos at last. So there is a lot of inspiration for Christmas gifts and wish lists. These are our recommendations with some short information:

CD Stazo Mayor: A Mi Esposa in our shop

The former musician and founder of the famous orchestra Sexteto Mayor presents 16 titles in the instrumentation bandoneón (Luis Stazo and Christian Gerber) and guitar (César Nigro).

CD Jürgen Karthe und Fabian Klentzke: Tango Amoratado in our shop

Our last newsletter pointed out the CD A Puro Curda by Cuarteto Andorinha. Tango Amoratado is another production by Fabian Klentzke (pianist from Sexteto Andorinha) and Jürgen Karthe
(bandoneón in the same orchestra). It is evident that the musicians know each other really well and that they complement one another perfectly.

CD Cuarteto Bando: Tango A Tango in our shop

For this production, the bandoneón player Jürgen Karthe is joined by Jung-Won Oh (violin), Robert Brenner (bass) and Steffen Heinze (piano). The quartet interprets compositions by Carlos di Sarli, Julio de Caro, Julio de Caro and Astor Piazzolla, amongst others.

CD Varios: Buenos Aires - Paris Vol. 2 (2 CDs) in our shop

Follow-up CD of the popular compilation Buenos Aires - Paris which has been eagerly awaited. Electrotango with, for example, Narcotango, Tanghetto and Otros Aires.

CD Varios: Tango Trilogy (3 CDs) in our shop

3 CDs with 45 tango titles famous all over the world, for example La
Cumparsita, Mi Buenos Aires querido, El Choclo and El día que me quieras.

CD 12 Tangos (CD+DVD) in our shop

CD and DVD of the movie by Arne Birkenstock, which portrays the everyday-life and the music of the capital of Argentina and of Tango.
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Friday, 01 July 2022