Footbal EM 2008 Soundtrack

What a relief for every football fan: Finally, on June, 7th the European football championship in Austria and Switzerland will start. The different flags will reappear, and even the collegue you wouldn't expect to be so passionate will get het up by the referees' decisions. This will also be the time to prepare the barbecue and to fill up the freezer. Then, you just need some friends and the party is about to start. But hold on... how can you pass the time before the game starts? And what is there to do during the break? Of course: You play the right CD, in this case “Vamos! Football”. Samba from Brazil, chants from Colombian football stadiums... this CD with Latin music will put everybody in good humour and it is a perfect small present for the party host!

Varios: Vamos! Football
The Vamos-Football-CD for free for DyM-Club member...
Electrotango-sampler from Poland


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