Festival "Baila en Cuba" - with us 2 weeks of intensive dancing!

Book the last seats available! The Salsa festival at the end of November has become an international top event during the last years. 700 dance enthusiast went to Havana in 2011. The festival 2012 is almost booked out according to the organisers, but only almost. We still have some vacancies for you... and there is more! Our offer is not limited to the last week of November in the rather modern part of Havana - we show you Cuba from different points-of-view. And because our dance school - yes, we have been offering highly qualified classes in Havana for about 17 years for Salsa and all other rhythms danced in Cuba! - is located in the historic city centre, and because we accommodate you in real Cuban appartments in the middle of Havana, the first week could be even more exciting than the second one, which adjusts more to programmes one can find somewhere else.

We offer individual pick-up service at the airport. During the first week, you stay at a carefully selected Cuban upper standard appartment with friendly Cuban hosts, who you might not want to leave again afterwards (It happened to many travellers, but you can always come back...) There is a Cuban tour guide for you, who speaks Spanish, English and French. And you study the individual dance classes at the "Academia Danza y Movimiento“, during which you can dance with your personal Cuban dance partner without having to pay an extra charge.

For the second week, you move to the Mirimar district, situated at a distance of about 12 km from the historic centre, and you stay at one of the festival hotels. Please read here how this is going to be:

This is truly an experience which makes you get to know Cuba during two weeks from very different perspectives. And you can also arrive earlier or stay longer...

More information about „Baila en Cuba“ with „Danza y Movimiento“

Astor Piazzolla by "Luz y Sombra"
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Thursday, 29 February 2024