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Since 1996, Danza y Movimiento has created a large programme for dance courses, Spanish classes, classes for musical instruments and theatre in various countries. In the beginning, the focus was on salsa and tango, but over the years, the range of dance offers has been enlarged to almost all areas of dance and movement. The programme contains modern dance or ballet in Havana or hip hop, Alexander technique or BioDanza in Buenos Aires. And these are only some examples of a broad variety of offers, which are suitable for professionals, beginners, for spending your annual holidays in an active way, and which extend into the areas of dance therapy and choreography.

“Danza y Movimiento” is considered a trend-setter, and thus it isn't surprising that other travel organisers frequently visit our website. It became particularly obvious in the case of Cuba, because especially "salsa" became a lucrative term for big and small travel companies in the late 1990s. Since then, again and again, complete text passages from “Danza y Movimiento” appear in the catalogues of other travel agencies. This is what we call a lively interest...

It is possible to copy the words but not the essence of our travel offers. Considering the

- key contents of our cultural programme
- format and goal of our journeys
- personal support of our guests before and during the journey
- possibility of an exchange of experiences after the journey

we are not worried by many of the copies currently on the market. But it is easy to tell the copy from the original: Questioning the content
of other agencies' offers, one can easily find out, if the answer is well-grounded or if it only consists in catch-phrases or compositions of text excerpts.

If you are looking for the original and for professional structures, we will be happy to assist you with or advice for your journey to Cuba, Argentina, Uruguay or Italy.

Travel offers to Cuba, Argentina, Uruguay or Italy

(Updated in february 2016)
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