Daniel Melingo on tour and new CD

Melingo is one of the most charismatic Tango singers. You will never forget him once you have heard him. His voice testifies many sleepless nights, his songs transmit a rather grim view of the world. Raucous, ferocious, uncompromising. Charme and grace? Rather not. Instead, passion for life with all its rough edges, the life of the lonely and desperate. By the way, Melingo’s new CD will be released on April, 4th. For advance orders, please send us an email. You can get a first impression here:

Melingo: Maldito Tango in our shop

All the other Melingo CDs are in stock and ready for immediate delivery:

Melingo: Santa Milonga in our shop

Melingo: Tangos Bajos in our shop

Melingo: UFA in our shop

These are the tour dates:

01.04.08 Madrid
04.04.08 London
05.04.08 Lyon
10.04.08 Bègles
11.04.08 Copenhagen
12.04.08 Copenhagen
14.04.08 Milano
16.04.08 Köln
17.04.08 Hamburg
18.04.08 Leipzig
19.04.08 Berlin
20.04.08 Budapest
26.04.08 Nîmes
28.04.08 Paris
29.04.08 Paris
30.04.08 Beauvais

For more information please have a look here: www.danielmelingo.com
Tanghetto: El Miedo A La Libertad
Serie Cinco Estrellas: Salsa for a great price!


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