César "Chino" Pérez: Ciudadano Del Mundo

César Pérez is from Venezuela, but has lived in Germany for some time now (where he also plays in the band of the popular TV show TV Total). His first CD Amigo Incondicional was released in 2005, and critics, DJs and dancers and, of course, Danza y Movimiento loved it. At last, there is a new album with the title "Ciudadano del Mundo/ Citizen of the World". His music took César Pérez to many different parts of the world, indeed. So we are quite proud, that Germany is the breeding ground for his first-class Salsa productions. The band leader does not only play the trombone but sings with a fabulous disarming voice. Listen to it, dance, buy it, make a present: you shouldn’t miss out on this CD:

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Wednesday, 12 June 2024