Carlos Gardel: His Classics and Lost Recordings (7 CD Box)

Another Sampler with Songs from Gardel... do we really need that? Aren't there enough of these compilatioms already?

Well... this one is different!!!

And this is not only due to its incredible size! 100 (!) Songs from Carlos Gardel, probably the most important and best-known figure of Tango Argentino, and 6 interviews with with companions and connoissuers of Gardel (as Hugo del Carril, Eduardo Bonessi and Rafael Rossi) - on all in all 7 CDs!

It is above all due to the selection and compilation of these songs (which were remastered for this purpose): The CDs are not just randomly filled with Hits but each CD is dedicated to a certain topic. Off we go on the first CD with the "Classics", from 'El día que me quieras' over 'La última copa', and 'Volver' to 'Yira yira' and 'La Cumparsita'. The second CD is dedicated to "Lunfardo" the slang from the streets of Buenos Aires, which Gardel knew to set to music like no other. CD 3 shows the dramatic side of Gardel (or his music), on the fourth he is presented as a real "Arrabalero", whereas CD 5 resembles the most romantic moments of his musical oeuvre. And the sixth CD, finally, is dedicated to the "Criollos".
(On the seventh CD you'll find the mentioned interviews)

Besides well-known Hits of Gardel's, you can also find some previously lost recordings. So even for real connoisseurs of Gardel this box is worth a closer look..

But the box is not only a pleasure for your ears...

The eyes get their equal share, too, indulging in the stylish design! The cover has the look of a very classical leather binding while the inner part of the box is presented in sepia and comes up with pictures of contemporary history and handwritten verses in the background. In front of that you see beautifully framed photographs of Gardel.
Oh, and the booklet! It's got biographical notes and annotations to every of the 100 songs (in Spanish and English).

The complete track list as well as audio samples of every track you can find right here in our shop.

And one more tip: If you are interested in mp3s of Gardel for download, here you can find a selection of the Maestro's songs from our "Tango Classics" Series

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Tuesday, 28 November 2023