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15 albums with 179 tango tango, vals and milonga tracks by Carlos di Sarli - this continuation of releases belonging to our series "Tango Classics" presents an array of recordings from the 1950s. Please click on the following list for a survey - even tango experts will not know all the titles published here ...

"Bar exposicion" - the most current album from the 15 new di Sarlis

To the 15 new albums by Carlos die Sarli

Some information about the series “Tango Classics”

Klaus Johns, born in Hamburg and deceased in 2004, spent his life collecting one of the largest tango archives in Europe. After his
death, the material copied from the original recordings on almost 600 music tapes was archived. The life span of this cultural treasure on tapes is limited, and according to specialist evaluations the complete material in its present form would be lost within a few years. Thus, "Danza y Movimiento" decided to digitize a good deal of the archive.

In Klaus John’s lifetime, DyM already produced a series of tango CDs from the existing repertoire together with this very energetic musician, composer and collector based in the tango scene in Graz, Austria. These productions are highly esteemed by tango experts because of their high editorial value. Our compilations of tangos, milongas and valses known worldwide are also part of this repertoire.

The series "Tango Classics" publishes the material at hand without putting a special thematic emphasis. Although, if possible, every album presents a single tango artist. The purpose of our series is to make titles accessible that might still be missing in someone’s collection. All the 2000 music tracks currently available (May 2012) can be downloaded individually, and they are also available in FLAC format, free of compression-loss. The recordings were slightly edited in order to reduce strong background noises of the original sound carriers. All the recordings are legally protected, but they can be licensed for tango projects at favourable conditions.

This is a complete survey of all the albums already released in the series:

"The series "Tango Classics""

Trío Central - No False Alert!
Ensemble Libertango – El Porteño - Suitably Framed...


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