The philosophy of “Danza y Movimiento”

Here, I would like to give you some information on what ”Danza y Movimiento” stands for, on what the idea about the whole thing is, so to speak.

All my life, I have been dealing with people and especially with the contact between human beings. For this purpose, I have explored various areas and I have worked in them. Music, theatre, dance, psychology and philosophy belong to these areas. Thus, my experience mainly results from practical examination, but the basic principles for it are thoughts which have existed for thousands of years and which have found new expressions in many epochs. I have developed my practical formation in the work areas of a musician, actor, dancer, choreographer, director, a journalist of all current media of communication and of a therapist.

“Danza y Movimiento” is a trademark and it has existed since 1989. It was formed during one of my work phases in the area of dance in Ecuador. Many people have attended the process of “Danza y Movimiento” over the years. It has been a continuous development and it keeps developing.

My name is Matthias Möbius.

I would like to present the idea of “Danza y Movimiento” at this point, because I believe that it is always important to know with whom one is dealing with. Behind every person, every company, behind every corporate group there is a certain idea. If we knew about these backgrounds, the world would certainly look differently. In any case, more human. I cannot do much more than to tell you about the way I see the world.

I have been mainly interested in three topics over the past years:

Tango, Salsa and Tantra

Tango, Salsa and Tantra are three ways to get into contact with otner human beings. When you visit our websites, you somehow show your wish to step out of the isolation you might experience in your everyday life. It may have been a melody you heard somewhere and that attracted you. Or you saw people dancing together in a movie or at a dance event. You felt a longing, a longing everyone of us knows. Tango, Salsa and Tantra have a lot in common, and every encounter with other persons in these areas needs physical contact.

Tango to me is the longing for unity, Salsa for the directly expressed desire for uniting with another person; in the case of Tantra the unification can even take place within a ritual context. I don't want to be misunderstood - I am not referring to the Tango and Salsa show dances a lot of nowadays dance schools have created. And Tantra has got nothing to do with the short-term satisfaction of the sexual drive, which is offered (particularly to men) on the respective pages of many newspapers and websites. Tango and Salsa are very sensitive communicative processes, in which the sensing of the partner is more important than the technique of the dance steps. And Tantra is an energetic process, which is exclusively practised in a ritual context and which is dealing with the fire inherent in every person's pelvis, if she or he is ready for it. It is about the most powerful energetic potential of a human being. And the person who is willing to deal with this power will experience a revolution in her or his life. At least, this is the experience I was happy to make in my life. You can read more about the work with Tantra on the following (German) websites of

In order to live a conscious life, it is vital to wake up from the state of trance which is mainly provoked by the advertising and communication media, and to draw one's conclusions. This is not easy, because we have started to believe that freedom and happiness is something that primarily globally operating companies have been telling us for generations now. We hardly have the chance to escape the attacks of advertising strategists in everyday life, thus, it is extremely difficult to question our lives and to take life into our own hands. This is why it is so important to examine the various areas of our own lives.

The following documents some theses you might perceive as provocative:

Mass media
Television, daily newspapers and mostly also weekly newspapers are unnecessary. They are mostly a waste of time. The withdrawal is hard, because the media appears to be indispensable. There is a huge entertainment industry in the background which has put most people in a state of trance successfully.

Makes sense if one knows how to use it. Yet, chatrooms and virtual games increase the social isolation. I always question the source of any website I visit. In the meantime, private websites describing the healing of illnesses are created on behalf of pharmaceutical industries and they are sponsored by them. Wikipedia publishes heaps of unqualified articles. There is an army of writers who picture a very positive profile of their company owners, particularily if they write from a critical point-of-view.

- Is cheap really economical?
- Which trademark, which corporate group stands behind the product?
- Do I really need this?
- What is the lifespan of the product?
- Are there spare parts or am I forced to buy everything new in case one part wears out?
- In which country was the product produced?
- What are the ecological conditions for the production?
- What are the conditions for the people involved in the process of production?
- Does the product price include the real ecological consequential costs?
Living conciously signifies dealing with these questions.

Unhealthy nutrition and what companies try to sell as health food makes you ill! Any form of fastfood and semi-finished products are unnecessary, and even harmful. The questions listed above concerning "Shopping" also help when thinking about alimentation. Moreover, one should question the ingredients, for example regarding the taste, because companies are quite busy to influence our sense of taste with additives and chemical ingredients and thus to effectuate a substance abusing behaviour. I avoid buying at supermarkets as much as I can, as well as purchasing products from multinational corporate groups and every product I can't get information about the origin and the composition of. Luckily, there is the possiblity , no matter in which country and in which part of the world, to buy regional products. A fundamental topic which deserves serious thoughts in many ways.

I take the initiative to take care of my health myself! Healthy alimentation and a personally adapted programme for body and mind works wonders. Fitness, dance, yoga and meditation are only some elements. If I have the chance to quit the health system forced on us by the state, I will think about it. Most doctors who do not work in accordance with the pharma industry have returned their medical insurance licenses. Over the time, I develop an understanding for what could be good for my health.

I try actively to create more space for sexuality in my life!

Money investment
What do I do with my money? Or how do the persons I gave it to work with my money? I am talking about the life insurance, the bank, the real estate fund and the investment fund. Today, there are enough investment possibilities for ecologically oriented projects in the financial world. I am responsible if the bank administrating my money deals in credits for destroying the rainforest. I am responsible if my money arranged for retirement provisions is used for profit oriented companies enslaving people or keeping them in a reckless state of dependence. I get information about the activities of my bank and I read the reports of my fund management.

Conscious travelling signifies to take enough time for the travel destination and to be willing to understand the local people there. A short trip to a long-distance destination is an ecological nonsense and it doesn't have any relaxing value. Photo camera and video camera stay at home. Holidays with children in the Caribbean is inappropriate, because children will be just as happy at any lake close to their homes. But the fact that you have children does not imply that you cannot get to know other cultures. In this case, I stay at guest homes with my children, so that my children do also profit from this vacation.

One of the most successful adverstising campaigns of the last century achieved to link the car with the term “freedom”. The car serves any interest of corporate groups and at the same time it destroys our environment. Even low-emission “Ecological”-cars don't change this fact. But the industry helps to get rid of the bad consciousness - if we should have one at all. In my everyday life, I analize the possibilities to avoid the use of a car!

Now I would like to know what kind of picture you have of me. A greenie? A leftie? A dogmatist? I am none of that. I have learned, that a certain discipline helps to deal with the facts of life. I also break the rules I have created for myself. They are merely a guideline for myself, never a must. I don't forbid myself anything, but I am trying to do it as consciously as I can.

I enjoy the encounter with other people who also deal with their lives consciously, who question their everyday lives or who are learning to do that. The consequences are individual. Tango, Salsa and Tantra help to become aware of them. And I am happy to support you with my work as a vendor of music, which allows to touch one another by dancing, as a worker at or as a coach!

Matthias Möbius

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