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Danza y Movimiento – The News from 25.02.2016


The focus of this mail is Cuba. Cuba is changing. We will give you some information tourists visiting the island should know. You will find general information concerning Cuba and some special offers from “Danza y Movimiento” below.

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Cuba 1
Dancing in Cuba – the scene is changing a lot. Find more information (and write your own comment from you own experiences if you like):

Cuba 2
Accommodation in Cuba – a Swiss newspaper just asked last week: „Where will all the tourists sleep?“ We do not have an answer to this question, but we can tell you, how you can still have a comfort stay travelling with us to Cuba. Find more information:,-apartments-and-casas-particulares-in-Havana-and-Santiago-de-Cuba

Cuba 3
You like to travel to Cuba right now? We still havve availibility on our group travel with English speaking guide from march 19 to april 2. Right now there are still some single rooms available and there is one place available for a man to share a room with another guest. Just buy your flight and then make your reservation with us. Find more information:

Cuba 4
Only for Americans: Private travel to Cuba is still illegal. We go on offering legal travel to Cuba and there is no other operator on the market who offers a program with dance and music as we do. Our group in January this year was a big success and there will be another group in January 2017. Find more information:

Cuba 5
2017 you can travel to Cuba/Havana together with me in person from February 4 to 18 2017. As soon as I can give you more information about the special content of this group I will inform you. This moment take a note of the date if you like …

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