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It's been a long time since there has been a newsletter from "Danza y Movimiento" in English and I hope the English speaking community has not forgotten us. I haven't forgotten you at all and like so many others I am very busy dealing with the new authority and decision-making structures associated with the so-called pandemic threat ...
But we will keep on dancing! There are beautiful new old tangos. So please take your time to read and listen.
I'll pick up where I left off with the last news in English - our new label MKR. MKR stands for elaborately restored classical tangos. What is special here, however, is not only the special processing of the sound, but also the selection of the recordings. There are now eight new albums, making a total of 14. Four of the new albums are entitled "Con Saludos desde Europa" and present well-known and lesser-known tango orchestras from the late 1920s to the late 1940s. All these titles were recorded in Europe. In addition to orchestras based in Europe, there are others that have only toured Europe for a short time. Some of them have been completely forgotten in modern times. There are two complementary and informative contributions to this miniseries in our blog:
The Tango in Europe (Part 1)
The Tango in Europe (Part 2)
Also the first 10 albums of the new series are a pleasure for all Tango lovers. You can find these recordings by entering the article numbers in our search engine. These start at DZ024001 in ascending order. You can preview all albums on our pages or follow the link to Spotify or other streaming platforms and listen to each album in its entirety ...
That's it for today. Shortly more information about new releases - not only in the field of Tango ...
Many greetings


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