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Danza y Movimiento – The news on 14 April 2020 – A post-Easter egg...


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Our delayed Easter eggs are 85 carefully restored tango recordings! They come
from a new tango label, which aims to come closer and closer to the original sound by restoring
old recordings. In a blog post Matthias Kroll tells us how he came to restore old tangos.
You are welcome to convince yourself of the quality of the recordings:
Listen to album 1 with instrumental tangos by Juan D‘Arienzo with lots of information in our
Music Shop or as a complete album in full length at Spotify.
Album 2-4 is a complete collection of previously unreleased recordings of Arienzo with singer
Hector Mauré in chronological order.
Album 2 in our Music Shop or in full audio length at Spotify
Album 3 in our Music Shop or in full audio length at Spotify
Album 4 in our Music Shop or in full audio length at Spotify
Album 5 is dedicated to the early recordings of Edgar Donato. Here in our Music Shop or in full
audio length at Spotify
Corona is not the danger - the danger is the dismantling of our fundamental rights

Another topic that concerns us all over the world and which is of great, if not existential,
importance for everyone involved in music and dance. The politicians of most countries to
which these news are sent, have currently switched off public life and have in many
countries suspended the basic rights of the people. Government is governed by emergen-
cy laws, which actually fit more to a war than to the threat of this virus. In most countries, the
media is withholding the real truth about the virus. According to many scientists and doctors, the virus is no more dangerous than the flu viruses we have known so far.
Now I can already hear the reactions to what I am saying here: „Don‘t you see what is
happening in Italy, Spain or New York?“
Yes, I see it. That is why I took a special look and questioned what happened in Italy. More
about this in a blog post.
But even if the virus should be more dangerous than the known viruses - it is in no way justified
and also completely unreasonable that the populations of whole countries are locked up in their
homes for weeks.
In my blog post „Corona - one opinion, many victims“ you will find links to websites where you
can find information what mass media has been supressing. These links are in many different languages. Please also inform yourself and other people in your network about research results and opinions that do not correspond to the ONE OPINION.

I don't expect you to agree with me. But I would like you to take note.
Many greetings