Extra module "hired car"


If you want to have a closer look at Cuba after having joined one of our basic programs, you should hire a car. There are petrol stations in every bigger city and along the motorways. Cars might be rare during peak season, thus, we recommend to book well in advance.

We can provide you with small cars, medium-sized regular or superior vehicles, Jeep Hardtop/5dr, luxury cars, mini-vans or vans. Prices and conditions vary a lot and depend on the agency. The duration of the period you would like to hire the car for is also important for the price calculation. We inform you about the respective conditions when working out the details of your travel plan.

We only organise hired cars exclusively as an extra module in combination with the booking of other services. Your contact partner is the car rental agency itself. Claims and complaints are to be directed to that agency as well. Our local partners are happy to assist you in this matter though.


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