Tango in Montevideo - private lessons

We arrange tango lessons with qualified tango teachers in Montevideo throughout the whole year. As some teachers are on tour for weeks or months, thus we - in cooperation with our local partners - try to present the best teachers available at the time of your stay.

In contrast to our offers in Buenos Aires, which by the way can also be combined with the ones in Montevideo, we arrange private lessons here. Despite its very interesting tango scene, Montevideo does not get much attantion by many tangueros and tangueras, thus you can enjoy the significantly more attractive prices of private classes during your stay. For this reason, it might be also interesting to combine a week of group classes with one week of private lessons in Montevideo.

During class, you get useful advice concerning hip milongas and you can also book a taxi-dancer, thus a person who accompanies you to the dance events in the evening.

It is possible to combine your dance classes with Spanish classes. You can find price information on our page of travel offers.