Questions concerning journeys to Uruguay


"Do I need a visa for Uruguay?"

You do not need a visa if you are a citizen of the European Union, the USA, Japan or several Latin American countries and if your touristic stay does not exceed 90 days. In any case, you should get detailed information at the Uruguayan embassy in your country.


"What is the local currency in Uruguay?"

The official currency is the Uruguayan peso. The easiest way to pay is by credit card...


"Is there compulsory vaccination for Uruguay?"

There are no cumpulsory vaccinations for Uruguay at the moment.


"Do I need an insurance before travelling?"

This is up to you. We are obliged to inform you about the fact that there do exist travel insurances which gain their money by charging for insurances that are usually not necessary... Still, in case of a serious illness or if you have to cancel the journey for unexpected reasons, you would have to bear the costs entirely. In order to avoid such circumstances we recommend a travel cancellation insurance policy, which you can book directly from the companies offering such services.


"Why doesn't DyM sell any plane tickets to Uruguay?"

Nowadays, a lot of customers prefer to buy the tickets themselves. Internet agencies and specialized travel agencies can offer flights with renowned airlines for prices we cannot get. Our travel packages concentrate on the services within the country you are travelling to. There, our experience and our pre-selection can actually provide an added value you can enjoy.


"Do you offer any other travel components within Uruguays?"

At the moment, we only offer the components described on our websites.


"Why do you offer your travel packages usually only with breakfast?"

We don't want to limit your freedom of choice and we don't want to burden you purse excessively. This is why we only offer half-board where you have no or very little eating alternatives, for example in rural areas.


"What is the climate like in Uruguay?"

The climate is moderately warm. Uruguay is located in the southern hemisphere, thus the warmest season is around Christmas ...


"Can I also book single components, like a course without accommodation?"

You can feel free to book single components according to your preferences, and you may also create your own travel packages. We are happy to help you with a cosultation. Prices usually become cheaper when booking several components at the same time.


"Where do I get more advice on Uruguay?"

We recommend the purchase of a travel guide and/or a dictionary and maybe a map in order to get the basic information. For a more individual travel planning, we recommend our consultation. No matter if you book one of our services or not - first hand information can save you from quite a lot of hassle and it can help you to save a lot of your travel budget.


"Can I get a catalogue of the DyM travel offers?"

We started to work exclusively via internet years ago. Due to our specialized programme, we have customers from all over the world. Even if we also prefer to browse in a catalogue - it would hardly be possible for our programme to publish current information in various languages in printed form and to send it by mail to a limited number of persons interested in our specialised travels worldwide. Thus, it is important to us, to keep you informed you about our up-to-date offers anytime on our websites.