Tantra for couples

Inspirations for a tantric experience for two

A pleasurable and for both satisfying body contact often comes too short in many couple relationships. Either something is missing for the woman or for the man. And sometimes both are missing something.

This is where the basic training for couples comes in. In a time frame of about four hours, there is room for physical togetherness without distractions.

Matthias tells:

"You arrive and we get comfortable. You can tell a little about yourselves. You'll have questions, I'm sure I will too. To be able to accompany you in this little training, I would like to know something about you. This is my basis to give you suitable suggestions for the following touch session.

We change location, change clothes and meet again in a warm room where everything is prepared for you. We practice sensual touch. This can be, for example, that first the woman and then the man (or vice versa) lies down on the mat and is actively touched by the other partner together with me. During this process I give hints and suggestions. Later a role change takes place and the other partner moves into the position in which she or he receives touch without having to actively do anything. This encounter takes place on a large soft mat on the floor.

We get dressed again and have some time for reflection together before you leave for new adventures in the world, exhilarated and energized.

You'll find a four-hour time frame flies by."

You can contact us now and receive an immediate response via email. In addition, any unanswered questions can be addressed in a preliminary phone conversation prior to booking. The fee for this mini-workshop is 500.- Euro.