Tantra and Massage

A tantra massage by Matthias-Govinda is a very unique experience

Matthias tells:

"In my tantra massage, your nerve fibers are stimulated in a way that makes your skin start talking and the volcanoes dormant in you come to life.

There is no predefined sequence of events. Only a time frame is set. When you come to me for the first time, we will sit down together at a nice place on our finca after your arrival. You have time to tell me a little bit about yourself. I may ask you a few questions. You can ask me questions. You tell me if there are any limits for you in touching.

We change the room. You have the opportunity to have a shower. A saron as clothing for the session is ready for you. The room is preheated according to the season. The massage itself takes place on a mat on the floor. You may follow your own impulses and stay with your attention the whole time. I take care of myself ...

Afterwards there is time for a short reflection together.

You will see - three and a half to four hours will fly by."

You can contact us now and you will receive an immediate answer by mail. In addition, open questions can be addressed in a preliminary telephone conversation before booking. The fee for this offer is 400.- Euro.