Orientation and vision


A wide space opens before your eyes

You have come to the Finca. You have your whole life in your luggage. And you are here to get away from the demands of everyday life for a while. You are allowed to put your luggage in the rack. The finca and the island offer a lot of space for that. You are allowed to let go.

This is a chance to look at your everyday life from here, from a distance. You look at the everyday life of another person, even if this other person is you.

Your change of perspective gives you the opportunity to take steps, after your stay here on the island, not to continue where you were when you came to us on the finca.

Just by looking at your everyday life with work, relationships, daily routine, nutritional intake and many other important aspects, new design perspectives emerge.

"Orientation and Vision" offers you the opportunity to experience support through the company of Matthias. You can become aware of patterns with help of who listens to you and perhaps asks questions.

To be accompanied in this process opens up new perspectives. And you may develop visions that support you to walk new paths. El Hierro is full of new paths.

This program is suitable for beginners and can be extended if desired.

Duration: 60 minutes