For couples

Couples are very special. They are made up of two individuals who together form a new being. At the same time, the individuality of the single beings should be preserved.

A challenge and chance of every couple relationship is the preservation of the vitality of all three individuals involved in this relationship project. The couple as well as the two individuals should do well. This requires attention, mindful communication and willingness to meet challenges.

Various offers from Matthias support couples to come back into a flow where things have begun  to falter or where in the relationship "it doesn’t feel good anymore".

Couple -coaching sessions such as "Orientation and Vision" can be perceived together as a couple. This conversation can be a source of lively everyday impulses. Routines are allowed to dissolve.

Couple coaching sessions are full of practical suggestions and ideas. The elements of the offer "holding, letting go, trusting" can be practiced together in a practical training session. The basics of a tantric massage also give rich impulses for the relationship. Information about this mini-workshop can be found in the article "Tantra for couples".