Astrological Counseling

Integrated into the patterns and rhythms of the universe, every human being has his right to exist and may get to know himself in the adventure of life to undreamt-of depths.

The birth chart is a map that provides information about the possibilities of one's own life. Also obstacles, expectations and preferences, which will eventually manifest in decisions, can be seen well in the horoscope.

A birth chart is an image for the cards that have been dealt to one by life. Our consciousness decides how much one's freedom can be used in spite of all the forces at work. Consciousness is the here and now in which we swim. It is not static but wants to expand. To seek self-knowledge is the prerequisite to create the necessary space for this process.

On the website you can find more about Eylin's astrological work.

And in the video from about 20. minute more about astrology and background. Youtube or ad-free on Vimeo .