Meditate like a volcano

Workshop at Finca La Paz El Hierro, 12.-26.11. 2023 (registration possible till 30.09.2023)

next date: El Hierro, 05.-19.05.2024

Wind, sun and the ocean ... Your eyes relax into the distant vastness ... Your ears enjoy the silence ... Your sense of smell delights in a variety of scents ... and the food is especially delicious. This is an invitation to an environment with qualities which have become hard to find in our world. Between palm trees and exotic plants we feel rock and earth under our feet. We touch nature with our hands. We breathe, we meditate, we move to wind and music. Two weeks together in a small group enjoying a time out from everyday life.

 Finca Sonnenaufgang

Everything is connected with each other. Only us humans keep out of it. We do stuff, we control, we live by rules that we have internalized so deeply that we no longer even perceive them as rules. The set of rules has become a matter of course. And we wonder why our live has become a burden.

But there is an alternative to this: we approach nature, accept it as a full-fledged counterpart, as a living master from whom we can learn.

We begin to overcome the trenches. And encounter fire, water, earth, wind, plants, animals and people. In doing so, we may also meet ourselves and become aware of parts that have made us live in separation so far.

"Contemplation and being active establish a polarity that accompanies us into the in-between: waiting, groping, approaching, cautious, caring, slowly opening up to things, so that things and nature can meet us. This is how life comes to you, you don't have to look for the meaning. "*


Central elements within the workshop


Being meditatively active

Simple hands-on activities on the site. This is not about creating or accomplishing anything. You are allowed to be active in nature and connect with what you are doing in this activity. It is a meditative practice that may be familiar to some from books in which people talk about their experiences in Asian monasteries. For one person it may be this activity, for another that activity. This is something we will find out for each participant individually. Because it should fit you. The flow of thoughts may come to rest ...

Yoga and meditation in the morning

It’s about the common practice of centering oneself in the morning hours. In doing so, a heightened awareness arises. In these sequences led by Matthias, yoga-experienced and yoga-inexperienced people can practice together. The instruction consists primarily of impulses. The flow of thoughts is allowed to come to rest ...

Meditation in stillness and movement

Meditation has nothing to do with sitting motionless on a cushion. We will learn different techniques in these sequences in the early evening hours and will practice indoors and outdoors, depending on the weather. If you have previous experience -– fine, if not also fine. The flow of thoughts may come to rest ...

Cooking with Eylin

Cooking is a way to transform the richness of nature into a tasty meal. You have the chance to give your support in the kitchen. Eventually everyone gets the chance to help out. And all of us can enjoy the meal together. The flow of thoughts may come to rest ...


Reflect on your experience and share it with others.

Wanderung Maerchenwald Copyright Drews

First week

Sunday, 12.11. / 05.05.

Arrival and check-in

Monday, 13.11. / 06.05.

10 am opening circle
Afterwards shopping together for everything you need in your own kitchen
4 pm Finca walk: first encounters with trees, plants, flowers and animals on the finca premises
6 pm Meditation in silence and movement

Tuesday, 14.11. / 07.05.

07.30 a.m. Morning walk with Eylin
… getting acquainted with the surroundings of the finca.
11 am - 1 pm Meditative activity in nature
05.30 p.m. Cooking with Eylin
Dinner together

Wednesday, 15.11. / 08.05.

07.30 a.m. Yoga and meditation in the morning
11 a.m. - 1 p.m. Being meditatively active in nature

Thursday, 16.11. ( 09.05.

07.30 a.m. Yoga and meditation in the morning
11 a.m. - 1 p.m. Being meditatively active in nature
05.30 p.m. Cooking with Eylin
Dinner together

Friday, 17.11. / 10.05.

10 a.m. The Fairytale Forest - a guided walk through a forest area where the trees have sometimes taken on shapes reminiscent of fairytale creatures due to the effects of the weather. Since this region is often visited by the trade wind clouds, mosses and ferns have made their contribution to an impressive natural spectacle. And this spectacle becomes even more impressive when we are in the middle of a cloud.

Saturday, 18.11. / 11.05.

10 a.m. Visit of the market in Valverde
Afterwards chilling and swimming at the Caleta. A beautiful location for swimming in seawater pools and the open sea.

6 p.m. Dance and Silence

Intensive dancing, intensive silence. We dance to trance, house, world and similar crossover music styles. Between the three dance phases we let silence take effect.

Sunday, 19.11. / 12.05.

Without program

Charco Manzo Copyright Drews 

Second week

Monday, 20.11. / 13.05.

07.30 a.m. Yoga and meditation in the morning
11 a.m. - 1 p.m. Being meditatively active in nature

Tuesday, 21.11. /14.05.

07.30 a.m. Morning walk with Eylin
11 a.m. - 1 p.m. Being meditatively active in nature

Wednesday, 22.11. / 15.05.

07.30 a.m. Yoga and meditation in the morning
11 a.m. - 1 p.m. Being meditatively active in nature
5.30 p.m. Cooking with Eylin
Dinner together

Thursday, 23.11. / 16.05.

11 a.m. - 1 p.m. Being meditatively active in nature

3 pm Excursion to the Charco Manso
The Charco Manso is a natural swimming pool on the north coast. Due to high waves, however, swimming is only sometimes recommendable. We visit this place and make a small tour into the rocky coastal landscape. In this part of the coast, the waves push the water into underground caves and the overpressure discharges in fountains sometimes up to 30 meters high. We visit this place for a meditation with rock, water and wind.

Friday, 24.11. / 17.05.

07.30 Yoga and meditation in the morning
11 a.m. - 1 p.m. Being meditatively active in nature
5.30 p.m. Cooking with Eylin
Dinner together

Saturday, 25.11. / 18.05.

4 p.m. Final sharing
6 pm Dance and Silence

Sunday, 26.11. / 19.05.

Without program

In case nature does not agree with the plan we have set up, we will adjust the program schedule to the circumstances if necessary.


Finca La Paz Garten 

"Meditate like a volcano" is an intensive gathering for a group of about 8 participants*.

Course fee: 1200.- Euro
(see below for travel, accommodation etc.)

Register now for the special price of 950.- Euro!

(The reduced price is only valid as long as it is shown here on the website.

If you want to book and you don't have all the details for your travel planning yet, you can reserve your participation at the preferential price for 8 days! Write an email now and reserve your trip at the special price: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. )


More info:

- All services described above are included in the course fee. Not included are travel, accommodation, transfer from/to airport/ferry, and self-catering.
- Accommodation is possible in our houses or in tents.
- If you want to participate, please ask for our info sheet regarding accommodation, conditions and prices, which we will send you as a PDF.
- You do not necessarily need a rental car during the workshop. The transfer from/to the airport / ferry costs about 15-20.- Euro each way. We will make a reservation for you ...

After booking the workshop you will receive detailed information in time to prepare your trip.


Do you have any questions?
Matthias will be happy to offer you a 30-minute free zoom appointment, in which you can ask what is important to you in order to be able to decide for or against participation in this group program.


*The citation is taken from the book "El Hierro. Transition to the other house" by Andreas Nebelung. (Available only in German language …)