The Dropout Experiment

If you are curious about what it is like to "live" on El Hierro, you can try it out right here with us. You don't have to give up everything in your home country to find out if living on El Hierro would be a future perspective for you.

The difference between living on El Hierro or being on vacation on this island is experienced by everyone of cours in his/her own personal way.

For those people who bring their "job" and want to work here in a home office, this factor is of course already a difference. Time commitments and possibly also stress are then just as much a part of your everyday experience here as they are at home.

The advantage is that you bring familiar routines and support structures with you. That way arriving here and gaining ground can be easier as a result.

For people who are financially independent during the time of their dropout experiment, a great space of vastness, beauty and silence opens up. If you want to be active, check out the many beautiful places on the island, go hiking and swimming and meet new people. Because it's pretty easy to do that here and it's an unexpected surprise for many "newbies". It even works without Spanish language skills. Or you use the time to advance projects and do further training.

At Finca la Paz you will live in your own cozy and lovingly furnished house. The atmosphere is characterized by soothing tranquility, a wide view over the ocean and the presence of sensitive and attentive people. 

We offer practical support to help you find your way around the island. Regular meditations in silence and movement take place two to four times a month on the finca. In addition, there is a whole range of counseling and therapeutic services.

If you like gardening or would like to try it out, you can plant your own piece of earth during your time on the finca.