Spanish classes - relaxed atmosphere, intensive learning ...


It is sensible to at least know some basic Spanish when travelling to Cuba. Our Spanish courses are suitable for both, beginners and advanced students. We offer qualified private classes, in which you can influence the form and intensity of the class.

If you wish to practise in real life after having taken some hours of theory and grammar, you can go to the city, get to know your surroundings by this means, you practise your knowledge together with your teacher on the street, on the market or in a bar and thus improve significantly.

The Spanish course usually takes place in the mornings and lasts for 4 hours. You can also book less hours. Some teachers are from the academic area and they speak some English or German. The Spanish classes can be combined with all other course offers.

We will provide you with the class material, but you can also bring your own material. On request, we can also give you a certificate for the course.


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