Accommodation alternatives - hotel, apartment or casa particular?


The way of living visiting Cuba is called "casa particular". This is the Cuban version of bed & breakfast. The Cuban landlord should have a permission from the government and he pays a high tax for Cuban standards. The quality of the casas is very different. Our local partners pick out the best offers for our guests. Comfort and location are good, the landlords are friendly and reliable. We know many of them personally and we check the quality of the offers regularly. You can feel at home at these places, you get contact, and at the same maintain your privacy. We are happy to help you with finding an adequate casa particular in Havana and Santiago.

You can find more and even visual information opening this PDF-document , which will give you an impression of the standard of our casas particulares and even apartments, which are available for you.

We can also accommodate you in a hotel of any category in all Cuban regions. We try to offer the hotel most suitable for you regarding equipment and price. (For hotel offers we will charge a service fee, which will be deducted in case you accept the offer we make.)

In any individual offer, which combines accommodation and course(s), we always try to accommodate you close to the place where the respective courses take place.


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