Courses for drums and percussion in Cuba

Cuba itself is rhythm! Rhythms emerge from just everywhere and they determine everyday-life in the city as well as in the country.

Professional teachers in Havana and Santiago give beginners and professionals a great chance to get to know the practical experience of Cuban rhythms or to further develop their skills during a longer or shorter stay. In Havana, you can learn drums and drum kits for all levels, in Santiago, there are very experienced teachers for drums.

The classes are very intense (private lessons), they take place in a small studio located in the central part of Havana called Vedado (close to Hotel Havana Libre) and they begin with technical exercises (position of the hands and the body, different beats). But there is also training in polyrhythm and co-ordination.

The fundamental themes of class are the various claves and rhythms. Of course, you will also get to know the most important Cuban music genres. Ruy challenges the whole person in class and he is open to all kinds of questions and suggestions. He also shows interest in the students' requests concerning a certain emphasis in class. He can give valuable information on good jazz concerts, and maybe you will have the chance to see his band "Temperamento" live, Ibrahim Ferrer's supporting act on his last European tour.

No matter if you take professional drum classes in Havana or Santiago - if you wish to continue your intensive programme, you should take a small recorder to class ...


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