Active and beach - The combination of courses and beach holidays


"Active and beach" is a suggestion to combine our course programme for salsa, percussion, Spanish, folklore or Afro in Havana with a beach holiday in Playas del Este. In Havana itself, there is only one noteworthy beach, which belongs to a club resort. But there are the beautiful beaches of Playas del Este, which are considerably frequented by both, Cubans and tourists, at only about 20kms from Havana.

If you look for Cuba and beach, Playas del Este is the place to go. This is no enclave like for example Varadero, Cayo Coco or other tourist centres, where the beaches are wonderful, but the guests stay in a sort of ghetto.

The beaches of Playas del Este are Caribbean and beautiful and at the same time a place where Cuba meets the rest of the world. Here, you are in the middle of the Caribbean and still so close to the Capital, that you don't have to miss out on going to Havana for the events in the evenings.

Please ask for an individual offer.