Legal tours to Cuba with Salsa and Percussion for US Americans!

Living in the center of Havana in carefully selected and top quality private accommodations, rhythm and percussion classes from internationally renowned musicians and dance classes by day and cultural events at night with personal Cuban dance partners: to our knowledge and confirmed by many people who are specialized in travel to Cuba for US citizens, “Danza y Movimiento” is the first and only tour operator worldwide offering this travel program specialized in music, dance and culture to Cuba. And to bring travellers from the US legally to Cuba our group offers are realized in cooperation with a US agency and thus can offer a compliant program in Cuba. Individual travel workshops you can book directly with us.

What does “legal travel to Cuba for Americans” mean?

Legal travel means visiting Cuba without bad experiences with immigration the moment you return. Only a company that is offering a programm that has been approved by OFAC can garantize you travel to Cuba in groups legally. You will find many offers on the web which are declared as “legal journeys to Cuba”. These journeys can very well be legal according to a national law of another country like f.ex. Canada, but not according to US law. Only US-based companies can offer legal group travel to Cuba to US citizens. This is why we are offering our group programs through a US partner company. We have organized high-quality cultural journeys to Cuba for 17 years now. Our headquarters are located in Germany.

Legal group travel to Cuba needs a lot of bureaucratic work and a very special travel plan. The providing of this service requires a lot of work and investments, especially in our case as we are offering a program that is totally different from what you will find elsewhere. However, the price of such a journey is still cheaper than the one offered by other legal tour operators. Certainly, our price is higher than the price of journeys offered by tour operators who cannot offer you to travel legally.

As a US citizen or permanent resident, you will book your group trip through Salsa Retreat LLC.

We are offering something nobody else does ... Dance, music, rhythm and percussion as well as full cultural immersion: you will experience Cuba in a unique way. You will not see Cuba from the window of a tourist bus and running from one museum to the next. You will breathe Cuban life side-by-side with locals as we take you into the heart of this amazing country!

You can join our regular group offers on fixed dates. Or you can travel at any time that fits your schedule individually. Individual travel organisation starts with one person or a couple. Travelling in a group you will always be accompanied by a travel guide from our company who will be with you from your arrival at the airport until you will leave this island full of music and dance. And you will be accompanied always by one or two Cuban guides, who will show you Cuba from the inside, something most visitors never get to see.