Last chance to get CDs ...

"Danza y Movimiento" is living through a change - and there are still some CDs and also DVDs in our shop, which are ready for immediate delivery!

In order to be able to view the available and most of them fairly new CDs, please proceed like this:

You visit our still existing shop which will soon be transformed into a music archive: Entrance to our music shop

On the right, you will find a small forklift truck under the term “category”. Please set a filter here.

Now you can start browsing in the categories. You will be most successful in the tango department, but there are also some new Latin releases, which we received recently.

And, as it is common on a market in Latin America, you can negotiate prices! If you order more than 7 articles, make us a price offer with your order – and we will tell you if we can accept it or not. In case we do not accept it, you are not bound to your order...

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Thursday, 22 April 2021