Hotels, apartments and casas particulares in Havana and Santiago de Cuba

Here you find some information about the accommodation in Cuba. Nearly 20 years of experience with the organization of individual Cuba trips is giving us a good basis for evaluating the current situation concerning availibility, prices and comfort. Quality-oriented people who really want to get to know the country will defintitely appreciate these advices.
Santiago de Cuba - view from the window of one of our casas particulares
We‘ve been organizing customized stays in Cuba already when something like that officially wasn‘t possible.
Our goal is to enable you to enjoy a relaxing stay in Cuba and to have a genuine Cuba-experience. Of course this is also possible out of the „fortress“ of a hotel, but there are still alternatives. Places where you are close to the cuban rhythm of life and where you don‘t need to compromise on the comfort you desire. Both in Havana and in Santiago de Cuba.

In 2015 the number of tourists coming to Cuba has risen to about 20% over the previous year. That meant about 400,000 visitors more on the island. From autumn 2016 on there will be up to 110 flights a day between the US and Cuba. This represents an increase from 0 to 110. In 2015 there were already problems with the accommodation. How will it be when the Americans are coming?
Room in one of our Casas in the center of Havana
Quoting a swiss newspaper: „Where will all the tourists sleep?“ While there are more and more hotels and casas particulares (the cuban version of the bed & breakfast) some hotels were already in 2015 fully booked for weeks. Guests who got no more rooms, were suggested to look for a casa particular. But also here it was sometimes hard to find openings and/or the quality of the available accommodations were not recommendable by our standards.
Regarding the current situation some cubans speak of a new „periodo especial“. In the 90s this meant ”... much was missing for (a good) life“. Today it means that the country is overrun by tourists. Which not only leads to a shortage of housing, but also significant price increases for food.
Havana - view over the rooftops of the capital from the terrace of one of our Casas

In the arrangement of accommodation in Cuba „Danza y Movimiento“ accesses on its existing and proven infrastructure that we have built up for years. Through a well-established relationship with many landlords who remain loyal even in the face of the current situation, we can maintain the high standard in our apartments. Our casas are centrally located, offer high security, especially when compared to hotels – and friendly landlords that take care of our guests. Also there are our local representatives who look after both, – the guests and the quality of the accommodation.

In order to guarantee high quality standards and good service, we offer casas particulares or apartments only in places or regions that we find appropriate and where our representatives can check the quality any time.

In this PDF you can get an impression of our accommodations. The modern apartment shown on page 8 is located in Havana outside the center. You can rent apartments for your exclusive use in the center of Havana which are traditionally built. They offer a standard that is close to the casa particulares shown in the pdf.

You are welcome to click here to view our accommodations in Cuba ...

Also available in Havana ... outdoor facilities of an apartment in the area of Playa described in detail in the PDF

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Dancing in Havana or Santiago de Cuba


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