Our guests write

Feedbacks from our guests are very important for us. Wir are happy to know that you have enjoyed your time with us. And we are glad to know from you what we could improve.


Argentina and Uruguay

Jürgen H. from Offenburg
We just came back from Buenos Aires and we would like to thank you for the excellent organisation and support in Argentina. We can strongly recommend all the different parts of the programme: The hotel, the tango classes, the excursions and all the rest. We will go back. Keep up the good work!

Josef and Karin M. from Austria, in Montevideo
What can we say about the tango lessons in Montevideo? We were absolutely enthusiastic not only about the teachers but also the method of instruction. We received so many new impulses in just one week and dance completely different together since then.

Fernando from Brussels, in Montevideo
We enjoyed the days in Buenos Aires as an introduction into the world of tango. In Montevideo, we were pleasantly surprised by two teachers, who were the best we had experienced till then - not only due to their knowledge of tango, but also particularly due to their teaching methods and their qualities as people. We won't forget this time and we'd like to congratulate you, since it is actually not easy to find teachers of such high quality.!

Tore from Tromsø, Tango in Montevideo
My tangoteacher was a very skillfull dancer and a professional instructor. She was also very friendly and nice person who I am really thankful to. I would give her my best recommendations without any reservations.

Amely R., in Buenos Aires with a friend
We were very satisfied with our hotel. The location was very practical and lively enough even at night - at least in the larger streets - that we could walk alone. I can HIGHLY recommend the language school. We had private lessons. Very competent teachers and very differentiated methods at a high level, and at the same time always in a nice and relaxed atmosphere. I had already visited a few very good language schools in Spain and this was definitely a notch up. So, we have arrived home so happy and full of rich experiences that we are certain to book something with you again soon!!

Thomas F. from Dornstetten, in Buenos Aires
Everything (and I mean EVERYTHING!) was just flawless. All of the booked tours (Iguazu), all of the trips (Delta, city tour, airport) were outstandingly organised. The pick up was on time and reliable. The hotels were super. The tango lessons also brought us much further. I am very thankful for your advice on booking private lessons myself when I saw which teachers were best suited for me. We decided on one teacher-pair and booked private lessons with them after we got to know and took lessons from 3 different teachers. Eduardo and Marissa understand (even in group lessons) how to respond to the level of the students individually and to make corrections so that the joy in dancing isn't lost. We are still totally overcome from the wealth of impressions from our trip and are intensively occupied with applying what we learned. I'm pretty sure this won't be our last trip to Argentina.!

E.K. from Munich
Hotel Sarmiento Suites is simple, but in ideal environment, very professional service - a service paradise. Program was okay, transport perfect, sightseeing and deltaexcursion good. All together a really nice journey for me, I was very impressed by the city. Four times Colon and several restaurant checks, I was already able to give local tips to others.

Susanne S. from Frankfurt
Thank you very much for your personal input by arranging and organizing my Buenos Aires journey. Just because the organization was so perfect, I was able to live and see the life of the city. The days were filled with several new contacts and experiences. It was hard for me to say goodbye. BUT: I would like to plan and organize another journey to Argentina together with you next year!