Travelling in Argentina
Tours and study trips

If you have a little time left with all theTango, Spanish and culture programmes in the capital city Buenos Aires to scout the distance of Argentina, we recommend one of our choosen special tours. We worked this tours out with our partners in Argentina. This offers will bring you to the country's most wonderful regions.


The waterfalls of Iguazu are classical and part of our shortest 4-day trip basis programme offer into the nature. Don't forget that you have to cover a long road for each trip in this big country. Iguazu is at the Brasilian border. There are 275 amazing waterfalls on a length of 2000 meters. Read more:

The waterfalls of Iguazu




Especially during the cooler months of the year (during sommer in the North) we recommend a trip to the tropical Northwest of the country, at the feet of the snow covered Anden. Salta and Purmamarca bring you to a region that you might have not expected in Argentina:

Salta and Purmamarca - the northwest








Patagonia is the contrast to everything else and a trip to the south end of the inhabited world. This is why you are travelling with the "Train to the end of the world", the "Tren del fin del mundo":

Patagonia and Fireland - Journey to the end of the world







Each and every offer can be varied or changed individually and also study trips to other parts of the country can be worked out for you together with our partners on site. If you are interested in special programmes (expeditions, extreme sports, trips with an idividual guide, trips round the mountains), please do not hesitate and ask. We have the respective contact and are able to give you a high quality offer. Get your information here: Individual consultation, .

If you would like to know more about the offered destinations you can read reports written by individual travellers on some internet sites. You won't find any links here, because there's a high fluctuation with travel reports in the internet. Just take the time to buy a guidebook and get prepared for your wonderful trip.

Photos "Travelling in Argentina": Secretaría de Turismo de la República Argentina