Tango in Buenos Aires - lessons and workshops

We arrange tango lessons with qualified tango teachers in cooperation with various institutes in Buenos Aires throughout the whole year. There is a high fluctuation concerning the tango teachers, and especially the good ones often are on tour for weeks or months, thus we - in cooperation with our local partners - try to present the best teachers available at the time of your stay in group lessons.

Of course, you can also book private classes with us, but we recommend the group deliberately. You meet other dancers from various countries and also from Buenos Aires. They all share the desire to learn how to dance tango. It is possible to participate in class with or without a dance partner.

And: You meet different teachers, who quite often present their methodology in class, and if you are interested you can book additional private classes there for the local prices. By this means, you can decide in Buenos Aires, if you would like to take private classes with some of the teachers.

The teachers conduct the classes with a number of assistants. This allows them to form small groups which are taught according to the levels of the participants.

This system offers the following advantages:

  • You get into contact with the tango scene of Buenos Aires from the first day of your stay
  • You get to know different teachers
  • You can participate in the class with or without a dance partner
  • You can divide your tango schedule between different institutes, for example take 5 teaching units in an institute for classical tango during the first week, and 5 teaching units in an institute for modern tango during the second week.

As mentioned before, the tango scene in Buenos Aires is unsteady. Thus, we often cannot tell you at the time of your booking which studio could me the most interesting at the time of your stay. Our local partners arrange your tango schedule only a few weeks before your journey. Nor can we tell beforehand, which teachers will be present.

During class, you also receive information on the up-to-date milongas, and the course participants often meet in the evenings for going to the dance events.

Some institutes make classification tests on the first day, if there are for example courses with different levels. In this case, you design your schedule in accordance with the institute.

It is possible to combine your dance classes with Spanish classes.



Example of a tango trip

To give you an idea how a 14-day tango trip to Buenos Aires could look like, here is an example:

  • Individual airport transfers on arrival and departure
  • 14 nights accommodation
  • Breakfast or half board, except when booking an apartment or shared apartment
  • 10 x 60min Tango lessons in a group or private lessons
  • friendly German- or English-speaking local contacts
  • travel price guarantee certificate

For accommodation we offer the following alternatives:

  • in a shared flat or a host family
  • in a studio/apartment (size and equipment vary)
  • at a hotel

We recommend that you put together a package according to your personal wishes, including all the individual modules mentioned on our pages that you find interesting. We will be happy to advise you.

If you don't want to limit your stay in Argentina to the capital alone, we will gladly make you offers for trips to other parts of the country, such as Patagonia, Iguazú with its impressive waterfalls on the Brazilian border or Salta in the northeast.

You can also combine your stay in Argentina with a trip to Uruguay.