Accommodation in Buenos Aires

Host families, apartments, small and big hotels

We recommend to get close to the Argentinian way of life and its people during your stay in Buenos Aires, especially, if you want to combine your stay with learning and practising the Spanish language. Our carefully selected host families are especially suitable for this purpose.

But there are also charming tango pensions and small hotels. Our offer ranges from flat share to the city's luxury hotels. You have to decide for yourself, which sort of accommodation is the most suitable for you. But we shall be pleased to assist you with some advice.


Host families: You live close to the centre and you get to know the everyday-life of the porteños. You get the chance to ask your hosts questions about life in Argentina and you might be inspired to experience the city from the point-of-view of the people living and working there. Usually, bathroom and kitchen are shared. Still, you can tell us your preferences, for example concerning a separate bathroom or certain priorities regarding the meals, for the design of your personal travel offer. Of course, you have privacy and you can retire to your room anytime.


Flat share: Usually, there are about 4 students sharing an appartment. You have your own room and you share the common facilities with your flat mates. If you book as a couple, please tell us if you prefer a double bed or separate beds.


Apartments: In this case as well, you are in the middle of Buenos Aires, but a complete apartment or studio will be at your disposal. The apartments arranged by us differ in size, furnishing and amenities. The smaller apartments (category A) have a living space of at least 25 square metres, the bigger ones (category B) at least 40 square metres.There is always a kitchen, a separate bathroom, a ventilator or a heater. All the apartments are fully equipped regarding the kitchen untensils, sheets or towels.


(Tango-)pensions: More and more hotels and pensions specialised in the tango scene have developed in Buenos Aires in the last years. Often you also get information on tango activities there. We work with a selection of recommendable pensions and we shall be glad to make you an offer.


Hotels: We can make you proposals for any hotel category after having clarified the most suitable location, equipment and price for your stay.


You can also combine your stay in Argentina with a trip to Uruguay.