Explore Buenos Aires and the wide countryside

Tango, dance workshops and theatre workshops, Spanish, cultural activities Round trips to Iguazú, Patagona, Salta and more ...

It is hard to capture Argentina and its large dimensions. Apart from the country's vastness and beauty with its four seasons and the different climate zones, the country, especially the capital Buenos Aires, offers a multitude of cultural activies.

I am not only referring to tango. Of course, anybody who ever got in contact with tango has to travel to Buenos Aires. Every night, dancers from all over the world meet in the milongas of the Argentinian capital in order to share the multicultural happening called tango.

But there is also a variety of offers regarding other dance disciplines which can hardly be found elsewhere in the world. We arrange courses for salsa, hip hop, folklore, contemporary dance, Feldenkrais, theatre and much more. The following pages will give you an impression of the programme.

We cooperate with competent and experienced local partners, who will be your contact persons throughout your stay, no matter if you are in the capital, in Tierra del Fuego, in the foothills of the Andes or at the Chilean border.

You can arrange your journey according to your personal preferences, your rhythm and also at any time of the year. And: All travel modules can be booked troughout the year!

We shall be glad to assist you with the travel planning.