Discover the world of dance and movement with your personal dance scout!

Dance and movement techniques in Argentina / Buenos Aires

Your personal guide für classes and workshops for tango, salsa, yoga, tai chi, modern and contemporary dance, jazz, folklore, improvisation, choreography, Feldenkrais, Alexander-technique, Laban, Bartenieff, BioDanza, acrobatics and more ...

Our offer "Buenos Aires with dance scout" procures you a gateway to the dance world of Buenos Aires. Our service consists in arranging a competent person for you who will accompany you during the programme of your choice. We chose the term "dance scout", because the local scene is always in motion. A well-known choreographer who teaches in one studio one day, might work somewhere else the next day. There also might be a last minute workshop by an international teacher exactly at the time of your stay. This is when our dance scout appears.

The majority of the studios in Buenos Aires are private. The flactuation is high, especially in this area. Besides, there are offers of different foundations (Fundaciones) or for example the UBA (Universidad de BsAs). There are workshops in various cultural centres (for example the Centro Cultural Rojas) or open programmes of the IUNA (Instituto Universitario Nacional de Arte). Many of the disciplines mentioned above are not taught in their pure form, but they are included in the class schedules depending on the emphasis of the studio.

Together with your booking, you have informed us about your previous knowledge. You have also told us your priorities concerning the movement techniques. We will forward this information to a person of our team in Buenos Aires, someone who knows the scene well, your dance scout. On the first and second day of your stay, you will have a long appointment of 1-2 hours and you will find out where you can encounter what you are looking for at the time of your stay. This person will keep being your contact person for further questions. By this means, you will receive an aid to orientation in the dance jungle.

Buenos Aires is amongst the top ranks worldwide concerning the offers for modern and contemporary dance. Hardly any other city has such a vivid scene for dance and physical training. Here is a short list of the most important areas we can arrange qualified lessons and workshops in:


  • Classical dance
  • Barre a terre

Techniques for contemporary dance

  • Danza Contemporánea
  • Danza Contemporánea Nuevas Tendencias
  • Danza Contemporánea Release
  • Danza Contemporánea con elementos acrobáticos
  • Danza Contemporánea Técnicas Mixtas
  • Danza Contemporánea Técnica Alemana
  • Danza Contemporánea Flying Low
  • Técnica Graham
  • Técnica Cunningham
  • Técnica Muller
  • Dance theater
  • Danza Aérea
  • Butoh
  • Video-Danza

Jazz Dance

  • Modern Jazz
  • Jazz /Fosse
  • Street Jazz
  • Step Dance
  • Hip-hop

Folklore and popular dances

  • Flamenco and Danzas Españolas
  • Folklore from Argentina
  • Tango
  • Salsa
  • Salsa, merengue, bailes populares Cubanos y Caribeños
  • Belly-dance

Improvisation and choreography

  • Contact - Improvisation
  • Choreography
  • Improvisación y Composición Instantánea de Danza
  • Voice and movement
  • Voice-dance-improvisation-contact

Movement analysis, body action, learning out of the organic movement

  • Yoga
  • Tai Chi
  • Feldenkrais
  • Alexander-technique
  • Alineamiento y estiramiento corporal
  • Laban/Bartenieff - movement studies
  • Eutonie

Expresión Corporal