We give away our CDs for free

In the weeks to come, we will give away estimated 5000 CDs for free. We need the space and maybe you need our CDs. You can do with them whatever you want. You can give them to your friends, hand them out in your company, you can even visit bars and dance clubs and sell them. We don't want any money for them and we don't expect your service in return. You only pay us an expense allowance for our effort to prepare everything for you. This includes the shipping costs and a handling fee of 30 Euro, no matter if you receive 10, 20, 50 or 300 CDs from us.

And this is how it works: We announce the CDs we are going to give away for free in our newsletter, which you receive from us on a non-regular basis. You send us an email, how many CDs you are interested in and you tell us your delivery address. We will confirm your order and tell you if there are still enough CDs in stock. Furthermore, we will tell you our bank details you can transfer the handling fee to. On receipt of payment, we will send the CDs to you.

At the moment and according to our newsletter dated October 8th, we give away for free:

Vallenato with Adriana Lucia from Columbia

Tango - Best of Mercedes Simone

Please note: Due to vacations, the shipment will take place at the end of October.
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Saturday, 20 January 2018