The Iguazu Waterfalls
Natural spectacle at the Brasilian border


"Iguazu" means in the native language of the Guarani "The big Waters". One can say this without exaggeration if you think about the 275 waterfalls, falling down up to 70 meters on a length of just 2,5 kilometers at the Argentinian-Brasilian border, about 1500 kilometers away from Buenos Aires. Our offered tour takes about 4 days and can be combined with our other tour offers or it can be changed individually, if you wish. You will visit the waterfalls from the Brazilian and also from the Argentinian side. But there's so much more to see, like the tropic flora and fauna - also worth a visit.


1. Day
Flight from Buenos Aires to Iguazu and transfer to the hotel. Time to be astonished and then also on the first day a trip to Brazil to watch the waterfalls from the Brazilian side.

2. Day
One day trip to the ruins of San Ignacio and the mines of Wanda, about 270 kilometers away. In San Ignacio you can see the only estate of an Jesuit Order, established in 1724. The estate was destroyed and lost in the jungle. Just in 1897 it was discovered again.

3. Day
Visit the waterfalls from the Argentinian side. Study trip "Gran Aventura", that brings you to the national park Iguazu. You will travel via car and boats. You will also visit the island San Martin that can be found right in the middle of the waterfalls.

4. Day
Flight back to Buenos Aires.


The offers:

- Flight Buenos Aires - Iguazu - Buenos Aires
- Transfers in Iguazu
- 3 Nights with bed and breakfast
- All transfers and trips on site

This is an example of a tour. Our travel bricks are variable and can be booked and changed like you want them. The costs of the above mentioned journey for two persons in a double room (bed and breakfast) at a ***Hotel is just 949.- EUR

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  • The (low) admission fees are not included.
  • For some nationalities a visa is required for travelling to Brasil!
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